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Sonya's Beauty Barn

The Best Version of You 

Grand Strand Business Center
1293 Professional Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Suite #201

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Let’s face it. The path to lifelong fabulous skin requires a bit of resolve. 


That is why Sonya's Beauty Barn combines high-quality ingredients, advanced treatment techniques, innovative technology, nutrition expertise, home care options, and some positive energy— to nourish the skin and to address each unique skin type.


Our results include a stunningly youthful glow. 

At our skin care studio, we are also certified acne specialists. 


We genuinely understand the unique struggles as well as the physical and emotional suffering that often accompany acne. 

Acne may not only be painful and disfiguring, it can also deeply impact one’s self-esteem. 

Therefore, we are very passionate about helping our clients get on an effective treatment path to clear skin.

Ask about our Acne Treatment Program today. 



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