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Diamond Dermabrasion

Diamond dermabrasion is synonymous with beautiful skin. It is an aesthetic treatment after which our face improves considerably by sandpapering the outer layer of our skin with a diamond tip. This treatment is a good option for those who do not have overly sensitive skin.

Diamond Dermabrasion

Pre-Post Instructions

Pre - Microdermabrasion Instructions:

  • Do not use Retin-A or other exfoliating creams 24 to 72 hours (1 to 3 days) prior to your treatment.

  • Avoid sun tanning or tanning creams/sprays for at least a week before treatment 

  • You must NOT have recently had laser surgery or used Accutane

  • Candidates who have had a recent chemical peel or other skin procedure, such as collagen injections, should wait two to three weeks before undergoing microdermabrasion.

  • Prospective patients should also refrain from waxing or tanning the skin to be treated for a few weeks prior to microdermabrasion treatment.

  • Wash your face and neck with a non-oily, non-soap based cleanser before each scheduled treatment. 


Post - Microdermabrasion Instructions

To maximize microdermabrasion recovery time and results, it is important to follow all post-procedure instruction below:

  • Keep the new skin clean and moisturized

  • Anti-inflammatory creams or cold compresses may be used as necessary

  • Use a gentle cleanser.

  • Trauma such as scratching or picking the treated area should be avoided.

  • It is important to avoid irritatig the treated skin with harsh chemicals, rubbing or tanning for one week.

  • Although some peeling may occur in the treated areas, moisturizer should help minimize this effect.

  • Avoid staying in the sun for at least 7 days after the microdermabrasio treatment to prevent UV rays from damaging your skin which slows down the recovery.

  • Patients who absolutely cannot avoid sun exposure should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

  • Do not use glycolic, alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy, retinol, benzyl peroxide or topical acne medicatios for 24-48 hours following treatment.

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